Omni Driver Development

Training safer drivers


Omni Driver Development Inc is  owned and operated by Dave Patton.  Dave drove dump trucks in 1981 as summer job, and, over time, kept upgrading his license and improving his skills. After several years as a long-haul truck driver, he joined the Driver Mentor Program and took new truck drivers right out of driving school and showed them the realities of life and work on the road. Dave later took a position with the Nova Scotia Truck Driving School in Debert, Nova Scotia, and took adavntage of the opportunity to forward his career as a driving instructor.

After two years in Debert, Dave moved to the South Shore of Nova Scotia and worked as a Safety and Compliance Officer for an employment agency. He hired truck drivers for several companies.

During this period he studied and trained to certify himself as an instructor for the Defensive Driving course , and the Professional Driver Improvement Course. Dave then started his own business teaching Driver’s Education. He now contracts to Croziers Defensive Driving School. Dave also performs pre-employment driver evaluations, and he is one of the few certified Assessors for the Atlantic Trucking Human Resource Sector Council’s driver professionalism program.

For the last 10 years Dave has trained students in the Canada Safety Council’s “Gearing Up” program, which is Canada’s only nationally recognized motorcycle training program.  He now offers this program through Omni Driver Development Inc.

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